Common Ground

Alternative Rock


Press Release

In a crisis that has left 70,000 plus dead, countless more injured and over one million refugees fighting to stay alive, it is imperative to find a common ground and to gather all efforts to decrease the level of suffering. The New York Based, Syrian born, singer-songwriter, Rami, via his project Tristâme, hopes his latest charity release, Common Ground, will inspire others to take notice of the civil war that still grips his homeland.

The crisis in Syria and the urgent need for help and resources was the motivation to compose a 4-song digital EP based on themes connected to Syria, personal experiences, its past and hope for its people’s future. As the title of the EP implies, the intention of the collection is to find a common ground far away from politics and conflict.

The idea of a charity EP came to Rami while working on new music in South America in November 2012. He states that, “suddenly music became a refuge from all sense of powerlessness and helplessness that I and many Syrian friends have felt. It became a gateway from all the negativity in the news and provided an opportunity to channel my energy into something positive – a cathartic experience that in the end would provide help to fellow Syrians in need”.

The EP, which was co-produced, recorded, and mixed by Jonathan Jetter at Right Angle Recording, New York, NY. in February and March 2013, encompasses a range of emotions and musical expressions. From “Last Curtain Call” (a farewell and a tribute to all who have passed away, with a simple acoustic arrangement garnished with a string trio), to the more complex and layered sound of “Euphoria”, Common Ground is a powerful sonic journey from beginning to end. The heaviest and quietest moments of the collection are found in the track “Distant Brothers”, about the turmoil of sectarianism and a plea for unity. The EP closes with the positive pop-rock track “Age of Hope” written about the simpler times during Rami’s childhood in Damascus, Syria. The song includes the last vocal melody Rami ever wrote on Syrian soil.

Common Ground is available through CD Baby and all major online digital music retailers worldwide starting April 23rd. All proceeds from the sales of the EP will go to organizations helping Syrian refugees.


Music & Lyrics by Rami
Additional Musicians:
Jonathan Jetter: Guitars, Bass, Keys
Kenny Shaw: Drums
Alfrida Tozieva: Viola
Hannah Hens-Piazza: Violin
Paul Leiner: Cello



Distant Brothers
Last Curtain Call
Age of Hope