Unraveling Horizons

Alternative Rock

Music & Lyrics by Rami except “Without You” lyrics by H.A. Aioub
Additional musicians:
Wil Farr: Drums, Guitars, Keys
Alfrida Tozieva: Viola
Elmer Paredes: Guitars
Mike Lunapiena: Cello
Ian Love: Bass
Doug Pierson: Drums
Dan Romer: Accordion

Press Release
Almost three years after the conception of the Tristâme project, the light of day has finally found the horizon. In July 2009, Tristâme’s debut album, “Unraveling Horizons,” was released. The album is a journey into the thoughts and emotions of a “passive explorer,” one who is carried through his life without ever truly living it, engaged in the world only through his dreams and unfulfilled aspirations.

Lyrically, the album passes through four different stages in the rite of passage of this “passive explorer”. The first three tracks of the album reflect his worldview and ambitions. The next three tracks, imbued with the turmoil surrounding a life-defining change, represent an inner turning point for the passive explorer. Later, his emotional turmoil increases as he copes with deception and its aftermath. Finally, the explorer breaks through and tastes his own bittersweet passage out of his stagnant existence and into a new, exciting, and frightening rebirth.

Musically, the album spans different styles and moods from the dreamlike melancholy of “Passive Explorer” to the heavy, guitar-oriented “Support System” and “Move on” to the tongue-in-cheek indie pop of “With the Flow” to the dark atmospheres of “Inertia” and “The Beginning”.

“Unraveling Horizons” was composed by singer-songwriter Rami over the course of the past several years, excepting the lyrics of “Without You,” provided by H.A. Aioub, and guitar composition and arrangement on “Secretly” and “Motion” by Elmer Paredes. It was recorded in sporadic sessions over two years, with the assistance of engineer Wil Farr (Fire Flies, Paper and Sand) at Lonely Rockstar Sutdio in Brooklyn, NY. The tracks “Secretly” and “Motion” were completed prior to these sessions with engineer Ian Love at his private studio. The album was mixed by Wil Farr and mastered by Dave Horricks at Infinite Wave in Calgary, Canada


Passive Explorer
Move On
With the Flow
Identity Crisis
Support Systems
Between the Lines
Without You
The Beginning