Unraveling Horizons

Alternative Rock

Music & Lyrics by Rami except “Without You” lyrics by H.A. Aioub
Additional musicians:
Wil Farr: Drums, Guitars, Keys
Alfrida Tozieva: Viola
Elmer Paredes: Guitars
Mike Lunapiena: Cello
Ian Love: Bass
Doug Pierson: Drums
Dan Romer: Accordion

Press Release
Almost three years after the conception of the Tristâme project, the light of day has finally found the horizon. In July 2009, Tristâme’s debut album, “Unraveling Horizons,” was released. The album is a journey into the thoughts and emotions of a “passive explorer,” one who is carried through his life without ever truly living it, engaged in the world only through his dreams and unfulfilled aspirations.

Lyrically, the album passes through four different stages in the rite of passage of this “passive explorer”. The first three tracks of the album reflect his worldview and ambitions. The next three tracks, imbued with the turmoil surrounding a life-defining change, represent an inner turning point for the passive explorer. Later, his emotional turmoil increases as he copes with deception and its aftermath. Finally, the explorer breaks through and tastes his own bittersweet passage out of his stagnant existence and into a new, exciting, and frightening rebirth.

Musically, the album spans different styles and moods from the dreamlike melancholy of “Passive Explorer” to the heavy, guitar-oriented “Support System” and “Move on” to the tongue-in-cheek indie pop of “With the Flow” to the dark atmospheres of “Inertia” and “The Beginning”.

“Unraveling Horizons” was composed by singer-songwriter Rami over the course of the past several years, excepting the lyrics of “Without You,” provided by H.A. Aioub, and guitar composition and arrangement on “Secretly” and “Motion” by Elmer Paredes. It was recorded in sporadic sessions over two years, with the assistance of engineer Wil Farr (Fire Flies, Paper and Sand) at Lonely Rockstar Sutdio in Brooklyn, NY. The tracks “Secretly” and “Motion” were completed prior to these sessions with engineer Ian Love at his private studio. The album was mixed by Wil Farr and mastered by Dave Horricks at Infinite Wave in Calgary, Canada


Passive Explorer
I walk by the sea
waiting for a ship to come
I wait indefinitely
for the unknown ship to take me

When would it come?
Will it ever come?

I wait nights and days
for a northern star to lead me
I have a purpose
yet a motivation
is what I seek

When would it come?
Will it ever come?

Move On
Take your flaws
Take your soul
away from this critical place

Move on
Move your wounds
Away from this cynical place
Alone, move along!

A new life cannot be received
It must be retrieved and you know that

A new start can be granted
If you demand it, so why don’t you move on?

You knew what’s wrong
You know what’s wrong
You gotta move on
You gotta move along
It is time

Take you flaws
Take your soul
Away from this critical place

With the Flow
No expectations
Raw emotions
Fly without wings
The angels will catch you

Increase in number
No need for restraints
Lie on the grass
And life will provide

Walk down the roads that
Lead to unknown directions
Roam around the planet that
is full of adventures

Walk down the roads that
Lead to unknown destinations
Roam around the planet that
Is full of miracles

Increase in number
No need for restraints
Slide the streams of life
and life will provide
Slide the streams of life
the creator will provide

Secretly thinking about
changing things you could do without
Bluntly trying to break
a foundation that never was put at stake

Flee away
Sail away
Reach the shore
That will be distant
And stranger than you thought

A certain chain can never break
preventing you from forgetting what you left
Attached to who you really are
Imprisoning you in the world you evaded

Free your world
From their guidance
Turn off the light of ignorance
They should you all your life

A certain chain can never break
Preventing you from forgetting what you left
Attached to who you really are
Imprisoning you in the world you evaded

Identity Crisis
Flipping through every book
you lay a hand on in search of
the ultimate truth

Walking through different roads
different schools of thoughts
different theories of your own destiny

Condemned are the roads to clarity
In search of your own identity
Feeling the urge to belong
You’re all alone, but you’re not alone in this

Under wings of confidence
You are given a tag that builds up your strength
the power of unity

Could a name or two define who you
really are without limiting you?

When will you find your way
and look beyond these names
and search within?

You are who you are
you are who you are

And I see you through the years
Moving forward while I stand still
Do you see me as you grow
Or have you passed me by long ago?

Once again, once again
You are there in my head

Stone-like body, nostalgic soul
Withered senses can’t handle more
Of these future steps we take
A distortion of a past well loved and lived

Once again, once again
You are there in my head

Stop this clock
Stay with me
This walk of life is a walk
That has taken all that’s dear

Support Systems
Fear the worries of your belief
Shaking grounds under your feet
Breaks yourself esteem

Consciously aware of it
Only in time of need
Devotion doesn’t depend on mood
Time to realize it’s only a means of support

Living life in a hurry
Trespassing all you see
You don’t even see me
When I’m right in front of you

Consciously remembering me
Only in time of need
Do you think I have no clue?
A silent, exploited means of your support

Between the Lines
I talked and listened to you
I thought I really knew you
You feigned interest in my passion

Those were not your words
Those were not your real thoughts
So why would you waste your time and your effort?

In vain my attempts were
to find the meaning of your words
hidden behind a sincere-looking smile

I see you contradicting
Everything you said before
And here I am again trying to find
the meaning lost between the lines

I can simply blame you
Should I blame myself too?
Has my wishful thinking betrayed my sense?

In vain my attempts were
To find the meaning of your words
Hidden behind a sincere-looking smile

Without You
The wind blows so heavily
The roses blossom no more
My reflection in the river is stranger than before

The bird songs are silent
Whispers fill the air
Your hand no longer softly,
Comfortably washes my hair

I can’t withstand the ocean
In time I knew it is true
That I can’t sustain my breath
In darkness without you

The wind still blows so heavily
Darkness came nigh
People are flying aimlessly
Trying to touch the sky

Silver is falling from my eyes
They can’t hear my cry
And I keep asking myself
Wondering without knowing why

When all my colors turn to grey
When violet became blue
I know I can’t sustain my breath
In darkness without you

Looking through the window
My thoughts are no longer here
Feeling that longing, irrationally

Thinking as the highlights
Of nature disappear
Feeling a fulfillment, so suddenly

Senses fail to comprehend
To grasp the reality of the common surrounding

In motion, a new dimension
To everything
Feeling my way
My way….

In motion – beautiful
In motion – fulfilling
In motion – senses
In motion – eccentric

The Beginning
A sea of unparalleled pleasure
Rises up and floods your existence
Don’t you know it can quench the thirst
Of life and set you free?

Forever…. Forever….

A series of exceptional experiences
Unravels Horizons and worlds for you
Have no fear there is no limit
Arms are wide open in wait

Forever…. Forever….

Fate knocks at your door
It’s time to go
Turn off the lights
Your journey has begun