My EP “Deceiving Sun” came out on September 15th 2022! It includes new tracks, familiar songs that got remixed and remastered, my first time singing in Spanish, as well as the instrumental tracks. The EP is available digitally and in Digipack CD format on Bandcamp.
Track list:
1- Late Summer Storm
2- Grey Together
3- Silent Treatment
4- Master of Words
5- Army of Red Flags
6- Luna Tucumana
7- Late Summer Storm (Instrumental)
8- Grey Together (Instrumental)
9- Silent Treatment (Instrumental)
10- Master of Words (Instrumental)
11- Army of Red Flags (Instrumental)

Make sure to check out the videos for Late Summer Storm and Army of Red Flags below.

Tristâme’s new single “Master of Words” out on December 13th 2019.

Happy to share the lyric video of my new folk/alternative rock song, “Master of Words”. It’s a fable about eloquent dishonesty and manipulative charm, inspired by a personal experience. Recorded at Right Angle Studio with Jonathan Jeter in New York City. Animated video by Mariam Karbassi @3Cabras.

Available for streaming/download on:

After the release of “Grey Together” back in December, the second single of the South American-themed collection of songs sees the light of day. “Silent Treatment” is a more upbeat Tango-influenced Rock track featuring lots of strings, piano, heavy guitars and the magical sound of the Bandoneón. Lyrically, the song deals with the urge to communicate and connect while only receiving the deafening cruelty of silent treatment.

The song was recorded, mixed and mastered at Right Angle Studio with Jonathan Jetter. Artwork by the Jay LeRoy.


Tears or smiles do I see?
Cowardice or bravery?
I talk to heal and hear your voice
You silence my hope with your fear

You say love will save you
only love heals

Self assured, loyal
when push comes to shove you’ll be
the first to disappear

On and on about your sacrifice
That I seem to be paying for
A living martyr who you are
the pride of your family

Connect, reflect, get close and admit
Recycled poetry you repeat
Connect, reflect, get close and admit
gather your things and then flee

You say love will save you
only love heals
your heart is open, your mind is set
I only see uncertainty

Tears or smiles do I see?
Cowardice more likely
Requests and pleas to communicate
The silent treatment I receive


Rami: Vocals, Keys, Acoustic Guitar
Jonathan Jetter: Bass, Electric Guitar
Alfrida Tozieva: Violin, Viola
David Ospina: Bass, Cello, Violin, Viola
Rodolfo Marcelo Zanetti: Bandoneón
Zach Marks: Drums

grey_cover_smallAfter three years since the release of the “Common Ground” EP, the first Tristâme single is officially out today. “Grey Together” is a dusky acoustic eulogy for lost love and heartbreak influenced by South American music and Rami’s brief stay there. The song introduces the charango sound, played by Colombian multi-instrumentalist David Ospina, for the first time in a Tristâme song. The artwork is once again done by the talented Jay LeRoy.

The single is available everywhere music is streamed and purchased. Below is the lyric video of “Grey Together”. Stay tuned for more music coming in 2017.

Back in the studioToday was the first day back in the studio. The writing and recording process of the new collection of songs has officially started. I will be working with Jonathan Jeter at Right Angle Studio here in New York City. One single will be released before the end of the year with more songs to come in the next year. Stay tuned.


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